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Tue, Nov. 7th, 2006, 03:14 am
storyinmypocket: 70 Icons

Yes, it's been quite a while. But I have a bunch of icons for you, some angsty, some pure crack (though the drug of choice for this icon set is heroin), and some were just so mind-bogglingly wrong that I couldn't not make them. Some I love, some I don't. *shrugs* Enjoy. Brush and image credits here. Lyrics credits and random commentary below.

001-007 Heroes
008-039 RENT
040 Anthony Rapp
041-042 Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Pittsburgh Cast, with Anthony Rapp)
043 Sleepy Hollow
044-056 DC Comics
057-064 Marvel Comics (Mostly Spider-Man)
065-070 Misc. Comics

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Mon, Aug. 1st, 2005, 01:33 pm
storyinmypocket: More GetBackers... and one lonely Hellsing icon.

27 total
26 GetBackers
01 Hellsing

The first sixteen GetBackers icons are all based on song lyrics, as is the Hellsing icon.


GetBackersCollapse )

HellsingCollapse )

Sat, Jun. 25th, 2005, 04:13 pm
storyinmypocket: HUGE icon post!

53 total:
34 GetBackers
11 Fullmetal Alchemist
06 Weiß Kruez
02 Hellsing

This is what happens when I try and fill an icon request and start looking through my screencaps. Very non-worksafe words. Mostly crack icons. I mock because I love. UPDATED to add even more icons, with angst! Comment, credit, share.


GetBackersCollapse )

Fullmetal AlchemistCollapse )

Weiß KruezCollapse )

HellsingCollapse )

Wed, Jun. 8th, 2005, 07:00 pm
storyinmypocket: FMA/GB Crossover Colourbar!

Because aguynamedgoo and I smoke waaay too much crack.

YAY CRACK!Collapse )

Thu, Jun. 2nd, 2005, 04:46 pm
storyinmypocket: Old FMA icons.

[1x] Roy
[4x] Ed
[1x] Ed & Winry
[1x] Scar

( Fake cut to my journal )

Mon, Apr. 25th, 2005, 07:14 am
storyinmypocket: Resources


Lush Brushes
1greeneye brushes
Immortal Memories



All other images either randomly found online, or courtesy of my own screencapping efforts.